19th Century Italian Neoclassical Carved Giltwood Mirror

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60H x 35.5W x 3D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Italian Neoclassical Carved Giltwood Mirror combines naturalistic forms in a symmetrical presentation with classic Greco-Romanesque architecture to create a stunning visual effect.  As is typical with Italian craftsmanship of this period, it is made entirely of hand-carved wood then the gold finish was applied.  The motifs are elaborately and artistically expressed, starting with a floral bouquet at the crown supported by a brace of bold scrollworks centered with an acanthus flourish.  Various accent foliates, bell flowers and a wildflower garland complete the treatment of the crown, leading the eye out to the scrolled shoulders which meet with the side pieces also terminating in scrolls on both ends, framed by flowing ribbon set out from the main framework and culminating in a bold upturned acanthus frond at each bottom corner.  The bottom corners are connected not only by the finely molded and beaded frame, but also with an amazingly detailed double floral garland graced with foliate sprays for a magnificent finishing touch.  Note also the original mirror that provides a lovely reflection of your room, completely hand-beveled to follow the intricate contours of the amazing frame design!"
Circa 1890s
Measures 60H x 35.5W x 3D