Antique French Neoclassical Hand Carved Mirror

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51.5H x 36W x 2.5D

Location: Dallas


Antique French Neoclassical Hand Carved Mirror is a splendid combination of the tailored Louis Philippe architecture melded with classically-inspired adornment!  Gently rounded upper corners above contrast with the 90 degree corners of the base, with the entire frame including the bottom-most section enveloped with repeating acanthus leaf tips around the edge, mated to a beaded trim immediately adjacent to the generously sized mirror.  Large enough for any console, mantel, buffet or other case piece, it can also be hung freely on the wall, providing excellent ambient light reflection and amplifying the beauty of your room.  The embellishment is completely hand-sculpted and represents the efforts of an obviously talented wood carver.
Circa early 1900s
measures 51.5H x 36W x 2.5D