Pair 19th Century Wrought Iron Garden Gates

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59H x 21.5W x .5D (each)

Location: Dallas


Pair 19th Century Wrought Iron Garden Gates will make the perfect entry way to a courtyard, a garden, or as a decorative accent to any passageway!  Forged from red-hot iron using welding and joinery with folded tabs, the pattern features a repeating quatrefoil design with spire flourishes, with a lovely classically-inspired scrollwork for the top.  Welded hinge nibs appear on the taller side, but can easily be flipped to the other side so the gates can be hung any way you prefer.  As attractive on one side as the other, we've had some innovative designers just hang them on otherwise unadorned blank walls for a decorative accent!
Circa 1880s
Each measures 59H x 21.5W x .5D; together 43W