Pair Iron Doorway Gates With Transom

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120H x 84W together; transom 34H x 87.5W

Location: Dallas


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Imagine the heat inside the room where the blacksmith works, next to his forge heated enough to make iron red hot and more pliable.  Imagine the sheer physical exertion required to mold the red hot iron into a work of art like this stunning Pair of Iron Doorway Gates With Transom.  Still remaining together 145 years after their crafting, the intricate scrollwork and design was assembled with welding and rivets, no bolts and nuts like modern contemporaries.  It requires much more work, but it lasts ever so much longer!  Ready for another 145 years of service and more, this wonderful set even includes hinged frames into which glass can be inserted making them an independent and magnificent entryway.

Measures 120H x 84W together; transom 34H x 87.5W

Circa 1870.