19th Century Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by A. Jaboneau

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28H x 37.5W

Location: Dallas


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This 19th Century Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Albert Jaboneau (1855-?) depicts the bustling harbor scene at Anvers, France during the late 19th century showing the "hybrid" ships that were prevalent during the transition between sail and steam power.  Such hybrid ships still sported masts for mounting sails, but also had steam powered propellors for their primary propulsion.  Jaboneau specialized mainly in seascapes and harbor views. He not only painted in French and Belgian ports, but also included VeniceIstanbul and the Suez Canal amongst his works. There are also some known still life paintings by him. He worked for many years in France, and is generally regarded as belonging to the French School.
All remaining works by Jaboneau, along with all his family's possessions, were destroyed in a catastrophic fire at their home in 1877, therefore precious few examples of his work exist that date prior to that event.
Circa 1880s
Measures 28H x 37.5W