19th Century Oil Painting on Canvas

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25.5H x 17.5W

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Oil Painting on Canvas depicts a scene portrayed by a wide variety of artists over the years.  A young couple are saying their goodbyes, with the young man heading out to sea with his pike, oilskin and lantern, dressed in high boots and wearing an oiled cap with extended brim in the back popular with seafarers, that is designed to keep water from going down one's collar.  The artist has portrayed the endearing scene as a bittersweet "Bon Voyage" showing concern on the young woman's face, and resolve on the face of the young man.  The sea, placid for now, is shown in a very small portion of the composition at right.  At left, the artist has given us some insight as to the simple lifestyle of the young family.  Colors were carefully chosen by the artist to emphasize the elements of the scene while still utilizing an earth tone palette.  The artists signature is stealthily hidden in the shadow of the beam over the door next to the tip of the pike.
Circa 1880s
Measures 25.5H x 17.5W