Antique Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Jean Chaleye (1878-1960)

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26.5H x 31W x 2D

Location: Dallas


Antique Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Jean Chaleye (1878-1960) combines the attributes of a charming European cityscape with those of the traditional landscape pastoral, creating an inviting scene that positions the viewer right on the bank of a small river flowing past the town's buildings.  Chaleye's grasp of perspective and color are immediately apparent, with his timeless style influenced by the post-impressionist movement.  The color variations between the sky, water and structures create a soft yet vibrant palette, executed with short, purposeful brush strokes.  The bridge in the distance hints at more lovely scenes in the environs, while the wispy clouds appear to move over the earth above.  Many experts regard Chaleye as an important figure in the Post Impressionist movement.  Chaleye was born in Paris in the middle of the 19th Century in humble beginnings, and records of his formal art training are therefore sparse.  Starting out as a commercial engraver at the tender age of fourteen, his life took a turn in 1899 beginning with a trip to England after which he completed his military service, then returning to Paris.  He participated and was honored in the exhibitions at Paris in 1946 wining a Grand Prize as well as an award for his stained glass work.  He also exhibited and was recognized the following year in the New York exhibition.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 26.5H x 31W x 2D

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