Antique Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Marie Alexandre

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45H x 37W x 3D

Location: Dallas


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Antique Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Marie Alexandre showcases the artist's talents in a variety of earth and jewel tones, sporting its original frame.  Combining the realism of the blue & white delft vase with the impressionistic backdrop, Alexandre has successfully mixed the two genres to create a unique perspective.  The composition appears at first glance to be a vase of flowers in front of a mirror, but closer examination proves the background is in fact a different painting, not a reflection.  The vase in back sets upon a camel fabric with dark trim and a single stripe, while the vase in the foreground is set in a pewter plate atop a vibrant floral print apron, all situated atop an oval or round rustic end table.  The flowers are roughly grouped by color and appear to be fresh-picked, while the flowers in the vase in the background appear several days old.  The combination of colors and the fascinating dichotomy are enhanced by the multi-tiered yet tailored frame highlighted in patinaed gold.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 45H x 37W x 3D