Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by A. M. Winants

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44H x 44W x 1.5D

Location: Dallas


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Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by A. M. Winants is a charming wharf scene where an "Old Salt" is the primary focus of the artist's attentions, with a couple of younger seamen just behind him, all surrounded by boats in various configurations, some still set with sail as they negotiate the marina.  Seated on the gunwale of a dory, one can only wonder what thoughts the man may be having as he reminisces about a life at sea.  Winants has expertly rendered a deep perspective indicating the breadth of the marina, while manipulating soft earth tones of the cobblestones and old boats with brilliant hues of blue and the red hull of the vessel to the left.  Set in its original frame.
Circa 2000
Measures 44H x 44W x 1.5D