Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Marcel de Lince (1886-1958)

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29.5H x 35.5W x 1D

Location: Baton Rouge


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Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Marcel de Lince (1886-1958) is entitled La Vesdre en Automne and the colorful scene depicts the picturesque valley of the Vesdre River not too far from Brussels.  De Lince was an accomplished master of the Post-Impressionistic techniques, and has amplified the blues in the sky and water with the original painted frame colors.  The flowers along the bank of the lovely river indicate Springtime, and the composition invites the viewer into the work to enjoy the lovely weather and scenery.  The misty low mountains in the background provide a division between earth, sky and water, with prominent trees on the right of the composition representing a stoic naturalistic theme.
Circa early to mid-1900s
Measures 29.5H x 35.5W x 1D