Pair 19th Century Framed Oil Paintings on Canvas by Verhelst

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42H x 34W x 2D

Location: Dallas


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Pair 19th Century Framed Oil Paintings on Canvas by Verhelst are a charming glimpse into European rural life as it has existed for centuries on the Continent.  A well-worth path leads past the charming thatch-roofed homes through the quaint little village, with one path veering off into a manger with a shepherd putting away her flock for the night.  Verhelst has captured the serenity and simplicity of the lifestyle, wherein the residents of the tight-knit communities go about their daily chores and activities with familiar regularity.  The presence of small trees and undergrowth encroaching on the homesteads is an ever-present reminder that the neighbors must keep a constant vigil to keep back the wilderness.  The aged trees and overcast skies are typical of the lowlands of Flanders, and there's almost always a source of water nearby, as indicated in one of the canvases.  Each is beautifully framed and will make a perfect grouping with symmetry of size combined with different scenes to captivate all viewers of this lovely pair.
Circa 1870s
Each measures 42H x 34W x 2D