Pair Mid-Century Framed Ink and Watercolor Signed Paintings by H. Goyvaerts

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13.5H x 10W (each)

Location: Dallas


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Pair Mid-Century Framed Ink and Watercolor Signed Paintings by H.Goyvaerts. This lovely pair of paintings were produced in ink and watercolor in the modern, Mid-Century, Post-Impressionism style.  They are titled Lier, Begijinof Poort (Door of  Beguinage) and framed in their original whitewashed frames and matted by the artist.
The Beguinage of Lier arose, presumably, in the first half of the 13th century.  The first enclosure was situated in the vicinity of the current beguinage, where a hunting lodge of the Duke of Brabant was located.  Aleidis, the wife of Henry III, donated property to the nuns for the purposes of building a chapel, which is how Lier’s beguinage was able to expand. In 1258 the beguines were allowed to have their own church and pastor.
Originally founded in 1258, this UNESCO site is one of Belgium’s prettiest 'street' begijnhoven, a small but picture-perfect grid of cobbled, gated lanes lined with archetypal houses and featuring the baroque-fronted 1671 St-Margaretakerk. The Wenzenstraat entrance is two short blocks southwest of Zimmerplein. The southern door leads out onto the riverbank walk.
Circa mid-1900s
Each measures 13.5H x 10W