Pair Vintage Oil Paintings on Panel by E. Peret

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12H x 16W

Location: Dallas


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Pair Vintage Oil Paintings on Panel by E. Peret is a wonderful portrayal of the exquisite countryside in far eastern Belgium with picturesque rolling hills, flowered meadows, and just the hint of the Alps as that mountain range climbs majestically towards the sky.  Peret has subtly inferred human encroachment on the scene, with a crude fence in the foreground of one panel, and a winding country road in the other.  Neither intrusion detracts from the impressive natural beauty of the landscape, rendered such that the distant low mountains are encased in mist, while the immediate foreground is vivid and inviting.  Painted on panel, the pair can be displayed on tabletop easels, hung as is, or framed ~ your choice!
Circa mid-1900s
Each measures 12H x 16W