18th Century French Hand-Carved Walnut Statue

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14H x 5W x 4D

Location: Dallas


18th Century French Hand-Carved Walnut Statue is a charming expression of the life of the common man (or boy) during the 1700s in France.  Sculpted from solid walnut, the artist has captured a young lad whose garments suggest a middle class status, holding on to his dapper jacket with one hand, while supporting a basket bursting with fruit and vegetables off his shoulder with the other.  Well-combed hair and an expression of purpose are expressed.  The bulbous pantaloons gathered at the knee with exposed calves was the style of the age, and simple leather wraps serve as his shoes.  The sculptor could very well be depicting a young lad at market selling the produce from his little family farm, and dressed in his finest to create the best impression for potential customers.
Circa 1770s
Measures 14H x 5W x 4D