19th Century French Spelter Statue

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21H x 6 in diameter

Location: Baton Rouge


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19th Century French Spelter Statue depicts a grape harvester in a classical pose.  The revival of the style that originated in ancient Greece and Rome was a hallmark of the latter half of the 19th century, but it has enjoyed revivals in pretty much every era for the last two thousand years!  It became fashionable in France to depict regular folk in their everyday clothing and activities.  Several artists became quite famous in this manner, such as the LeNain brothers in the 17th century, the Moreau family in the 19th century and many more.  The spelter on this example has been given a patinaed bronze finish, and is set upon an intregal base with crest and grape cluster motifs.
Circa 1890s
Measures 21H x 6 in diameter