19th Century French Spelter Statue by Emile Bruchon (1806-1895)

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25H x 10.5 in diameter

Location: Dallas


19th Century French Spelter Statue by Emile Bruchon (1806-1895) is an intriguing departure amongst his contemporaries, who during the period tended to glorify the lives and daily activities of rural folk of humble origins.  This work, by contrast, indicates a very well-heeled and obviously wealthy young lady dressed in finery available only to the upper class, just leaving the market after purchasing a basket full of flowers to decorate her home.  The finery of her raiment is evident from her scarf to her shoes, and Bruchon has managed to capture an aristocratic facial expression.  The statue is cast in spelter and given a bronze finish, then set upon a faux marble wooden base.
Emile Bruchon (1806–1895) was a highly regarded French Belle Époque period sculptor who was active beginning around 1880, relatively late in his career.  He is known to have studied under Mathurin Moreau, one of the giants in the field.  Bruchon created works known for their fluidity and seeming weightlessness. This example portrays Bruchon’s signature balance and naturalism while celebrating the refinement of the upper classes.
Circa 1885-1890
Measures 25H x 10.5 in diameter