19th Century Renaissance Revival Wall Sculpture

2301-28421 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

36H x 45.5W x 6D

Location: Dallas


19th Century Renaissance Revival Wall Sculpture is a masterpiece of the wood sculptor's art!  Representing a neoclassical foundation upon which a celebration of life and God's bounty has been eloquently expressed, the depth of the work is astounding, creating admiration from all angles of view.  Centered at the top is an urn bursting with flowers, with more flowers and foliates cascading down the scrolled laurel bundles finishing in a bold rosette.  The urn itself appears to rest on a half-round acanthus leaf corbel flanked by bas relief carvings of foliates, with another pair of rosettes holding a floral swag underneath.  Truly a remarkable feat of artistry as well as endurance, since coaxing a knife through such hard old-growth oak is not for the feint of heart!
Circa 1870s
Measures 36H x 45.5W x 6D