Pair 19th Century French Bronze Statues by Auguste Moreau (1855-1919)

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25.5H x 11W x 10D

Location: Dallas


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Pair 19th Century French Bronze Statues by Louis Auguste Moreau (1855-1919) are exemplary examples of the glorification of the simple rural life celebrated by artists in France during the Belle Epoque.  A distinctive departure from rendering affluent families and lifestyles as dictated by the many patrons of art over the centuries, this informal movement gave a glimpse into the lives of everyday people.  In this example, we have two young maidens, one carrying a bundle over her shoulder and a basket in  her left hand, while the other totes a basket over her shoulder and a couple of protesting chickens in her right hand!  Each maiden is modestly dressed in simple clothing of multiple layers, with a scarf serving as a headdress.  They are mounted on round bases adorned with ribbon and olive branches, while trodding over a flowering earth.  Signed by the sculptor, together they will make an splendid addition to your decor, or perhaps serve in separate places in your home.
Louis Auguste Moreau was a French sculptor best known for his bronze-cast figurines.  Often signing his works by his middle name, his allegorical Art Nouveau works often depicted women, children, cherubs, and historical figures adorned with floral motifs and ornaments, and were influential to other artists working at the time. Born in Dijon, France in 1855 to a celebrated family of sculptors, including his father, Auguste Moreau, he went on to regularly exhibit his work at the Paris Salon from 1861 on. The artist died in 1919 in France.
Circa 1890s
One measures 25.5H x 11W x 10D; the other is 24.5H

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