Vintage Model of Ancient Greek Galley in Silver with Case

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9.5H x 13W x 5.5D

Location: Dallas


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Vintage Model of Ancient Greek Galley in almost pure Silver with Case is an intriguing and artistic rendering of one of the earliest warships in history.  The galley was designed to be rowed by manpower, and the propulsion was augmented by sails when convenient.  This model exaggerates the mast, bowsprit and flag for artistic purposes, but the hull shows exceptional detail.  Even the oars are depicted along the sides, and the prow includes a dolphin form extending out from the hull, designed for ramming.  The hull appears to be an ancient design of bundled papyrus, a very versatile material in the ancient world.  Survives in its display case with label.
Circa mid-1900s
Measures 9.5H x 13W x 5.5D