19th Century Flemish Hand-Knotted Romantic Tapestry

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47.5H x 78.5W

Location: Baton Rouge


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19th Century Flemish Hand-Knotted Romantic Tapestry depicts an affluent family on an outing to the grounds of their estate, with the manoir visible in the distance.  Lush greenery including a tree canopy that envelopes the scene is a sign of fertile grounds.  A footpath leads the way back to the manoir.  Three are engaged in conversation, with the fourth playing with a young pup in the foreground.  The bordering is intact and surrounds the artwork with a repeating stylized foliate pattern.  Note the hand work visible in the last shot of the back side.  Tapestries were developed centuries ago to adorn walls of stone castles and helped keep away cold drafts during the long winter nights.  Over time they became an art form unto themselves, and developed in several European countries most notably what is today Belgium and France.  This work was inspired by the Flemish school.
Circa 1880s
Measures 47.5H x 78.5W