Grand Antique French Tapestry by Gobelins of Paris

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89H x 153W

Location: Baton Rouge


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Grand Antique French Tapestry by Gobelins of Paris is a stunning panoramic landscape scene depicting a lush wooded area on the outskirts of a rural village.  Crafted on a large scale, it spans almost seven and a half feet tall by almost thirteen feet wide!  Styled after the storied Oudenaarde tapestries produced by the Flemish in past centuries, it reveals the level of sophistication that the French achieved using more modern looming methods.  Note the exquisite border intact all around that depicts laurel bundles encircled with acanthus leaves and framed by beading.  The scene itself depicts a wide variety of flora, utilizing an amazing assemblage of different hues of earth tones creating a subtle, relaxing effect.  Little touches like a foot bridge over the water and a small cottage in the distance add a very subtle humanistic touch.  Such idealistic renderings reached a new level of popularity during the Renaissance when the Gobelins first practiced their artistic craft.  Louis XIV promoted the industry to the point it received worldwide acclaim.  The French Ministry of Culture still maintains a tapestry factory in Paris near Les Gobelins métro station in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. It was originally established on the site as medieval dyeing business by the family Gobelin.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 89H x 153W

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