Grand 17th Century Oudenaarde Tapestry

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102.5H x 165.5W

Location: Dallas


$38,350 $59,000

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Grand 17th Century Oudenaarde Tapestry is a work of art that only the masters of Flanders could produce.  Works from the region were in demand the world over, including kings, dukes, earls and other nobles who wanted the best quality to adorn their chateaux and castles, while at the same time providing a softer texture and warmth to the otherwise cold stone walls.  The subject of this master work, which still retains its intricate bordering, depicts what appears to be the remains of a formal garden with architectural ruins to one side, visited by a group of common folks relaxing in the summer sun accompanied by a variety of livestock, all artfully rendered to an exquisite degree by obvious masters of the loomer's art!

Circa 1690s

Measures 102.5H x 165.5W