Pair Antique Tapestries after David Teniers the Younger

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Each measures 75H x 48W

Location: Dallas


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Pair Antique Tapestries after David Teniers the Younger are designed to display side by side to create a continuous scene.  The scene is a delightful rural village setting during a celebration, which was a frequent occurrence that brought the community together in a departure from the daily chores and work.  Note the meticulous attention to detail in the structure of the quaint tavern with the windows, signs and surrounding trees.  The revelers include all ages and are depicted singing, dancing,, and enjoying the music of the fiddle.  Truly a charming scene!
David Teniers the Younger or David Teniers II was a Flemish Baroque painter, printmaker, draughtsman, and miniaturist painter. He was an extremely versatile artist known for his prolific output and an innovator in a wide range of genres such as history painting, genre painting, landscape painting, portrait and still life. He is now best remembered as the leading Flemish genre painter of his day. Teniers is particularly known for developing the peasant genre, the tavern scene, pictures of collections and scenes with alchemists and physicians. He was court painter and the curator of the collection of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm, the art-loving Governor General of the Habsburg Netherlands.  (source:  Wikipedia)
Circa early 1900s
Sold Only As A Pair.
Each measures 75H x 48W

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