Antique French Louis XVI Stripped Oak Mirror ~ Trumeau

2202-1710D (Click to Inquire About This Item)

70H x 34.5W x 2.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


Antique French Louis XVI Stripped Oak Mirror ~ Trumeau is the perfect choice for creating timeless elegance yet with a casual flair ideal for today's relaxed interiors!  The original silvering on the original beveled mirror takes up about three-fourths of the height, with a spiral ribbon molding detail on both sides creating the corner bordering.  Above the mirror is a tailored, subtly carved panel depicting draped fabric and ribbon in fine relief, set on a raised panel seated within the framework.  Above appears a border separating the lower section from the bonnet, which features olive branches tied with ribbon in bas relief, with a bold crown molding featuring a centered arch to emphasize the carved detail.  The dense, old-growth oak has received our proprietary stripping process which retains the natural beauty and patina of the wood while simultaneously creating the informal visual appeal that is so in vogue today.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 70H x 34.5W x 2.5D