Antique Liegoise Louis XIV Trumeau with Romantic Painting

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77H x 48W x 3D

Location: Dallas


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Antique Liegoise Louis XIV Trumeau with Romantic Painting will make an instant focal centerpiece for any room!  Timeless styling embraced by the court of the Sun King includes a magnificent shell cartouche centered on the top crown and surrounded by acanthus plumes, all in glorious full relief.  The molding trim emanates outward from the center underneath which appears the double arched form of the upper crown enhanced with French bordering and cross hatching.  The painting below is the most visually striking aspect of the work, depicting a romantic scene of courtship with a proper chaperone present, of course, set in a lush garden scene that would be typical of the estate grounds of an exquisite chateau, complete with architectural accents of an urn on pedestal at the center of the composition.  The colors used by the artist cover a wide palette yet are restrained to the use of subtle earth tones, which creates a pleasing, yet intriguing effect.  The lower framework that separates the painting from the generously sized beveled mirror at the bottom has been carved with motifs complementary to those on the crown.  The framework includes corners with carved floral sprays at the top, and a fully molded base to protect the mirror glass.  Ideal atop a mantel, buffet, or other suitable furniture to create color and timeless flair while reflecting ambient light back into the room.
Dated 1922
Measures 77H x 48W x 3D

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