19th Century Copper & Brass Tea Server

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25H x 10.5W x 6.5D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Copper & Brass Tea Server features a design inspired by ancient Greek amphora, with two graceful swan-neck handles, and a brass finial on top of the finely crafted lid.  Set on a square ball-footed base, it features a brass lion's head spigot.  The lid comes off to reveal a chimney, into which a lump or two of hot coal would be dropped to help keep the tea within the server warm for a bit more time.  Conceived for entertaining, such luxuries became commonplace in homes of distinction where the family expected a hot cup of tea throughout the day.  The solid copper exterior features a plating of tin on the inside as tin is a non-reactive metal that does not impart any flavoring to the delicate tea within.
Circa 1880s
Measures 25H x 10.5W x 6.5D