Antique Hand-Painted French Faience Jardiniere from Rouen

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5H x 7.5W x 5D

Location: Dallas


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Antique Hand-Painted French Faience Jardiniere from Rouen is yet another fine example of the colorful and intricately designed ceramic art that hails from the region around Rouen since the 16th century!  This work is in exceptional condition, featuring an abundance of earth-toned colors including cobalt blue, olive green, saffron yellow and copper coloration enhancing the scrolled outlines of the casting.  The patina of about a century of age only adds to the allure.
In France, the first well-known painter of faïence was Masseot Abaquesne, established in Rouen in the 1530s. Nevers faience and Rouen faience became the leading French centers of faience manufacturing in the 17th century, both able to supply wares to the standards required by the court and nobility.  The products of faience are identified by the usual methods described by ceramic connoisseurs: the character of the clay body, the character and palette of the glaze, and the style of decoration.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 5H x 7.5W x 5D