Antique Hand-Painted Jardiniere from Rouen

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5H x 12W x 4.5D

Location: Dallas


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Antique Hand-Painted Jardiniere from Rouen is a vibrantly colored, classically styled planter that adds visual delight to any room, regardless of whether one has placed fresh flowers in it or not!  The design is called en bateau, or boat form, that dates back thousands of years, with prominent "stern" and "bow" features that serve as handles.  Naturalistic embellishments as well as elaborate floral and foliate motifs abound on all sides, even on the inside of the rim.  The beautiful cobalt blue, mustard yellow, copper red and rich greens are wonderfully preserved thanks to the excellent glazing techniques of the master ceramicists for which the region is known worldwide.  Being hand-painted, each such work is an individual expression of art, sure to become an instant family heirloom that will be treasured for decades to come!
Circa early 1900s
Measures 5H x 12W x 4.5D