Pair 18th Century Delft Blue & White Vases

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18.5H x 10.5W x 9D

Location: Dallas


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Pair 18th Century Delft Blue & White Vases are of a type that is getting more rare with each passing year.  Alas, the fragile nature of such hand-crafted ceramics means a certain percentage is lost each year to breakage, but that makes the remaining examples all the more valuable!  This pair was clearly intended for a mantel in front of a mirror, as they have been beautifully hand-painted in rich cobalt blue completely all around.  The main scenes are both depicting courtship, but even a cursory examination will reveal each is unique, making them both individual works of art.  The Baroque influence is apparent in the framework around the primary scenes, as is the bordering and other embellishment.  The Delft region in Holland has been known for its fine porcelains for centuries, and this collectible pair is ideal for the cognoscenti who recognize treasured artworks that deserve a place of honor in your home!
Circa 1780s
Each measures 18.5H x 10.5W x 9D