Pair Antique Cloissone Vases

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9H x 6 in diameter

Location: Baton Rouge


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Pair Antique Cloissone Vases is a timeless example of the genre, displaying a well-preserved, rich coloration and exhibiting a floral design theme celebrating the beauty of nature.  Decorated in the round, brass wire was carefully affixed to the brass vase, then the spaces created were filled with various colors of enamel, with the final product being fired one last time to create the exquisite works of art before you.  Cloissone techniques originated in the Far Orient, and were copied by many nations including France, which chose to call the process Champleve.  This pair feature the most popular combinations of colors with a rich dark cerulean blue as the background making the colorful flowers burst to life!
Circa early 1900s
Each measures 9H x 6 in diameter