18th Century Swedish Painted Pine Two-Tiered Cabinet

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75.5H x 50W x 21D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Swedish Painted Pine Two-Tiered Cabinet is ideal for the casual decor, providing both visual impact and abundant storage in one!  The top tier is recessed several inches back from the bottom tier, and consists of three distinct panels, the center-most of which is on the access door.  Bold crown molding provides a framework, with a subtle shelf separating the top from the bottom.  The bottom features an enlarged version of the upper door flanked by raised diamond shaped panels on each side.  The distressed, multi-hued painted finish only adds to the allure, adding subtle pastel colors with distinctive off-white flourishes creating even more visual intrigue.  Interior is capacious with two shelves in each cabinet to help keep things organized.
Circa 1790s
Measures 75.5H x 50W x 21D