19th Century French Gothic Cabinet ~ Bonnetiere

2101-912822 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

46.5H x 25.5W x 16D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Gothic Cabinet ~ Bonnetiere is a marvelous example of the genre, with carved detailing across all three facades!  Geometric patterns appear in a series of three on each side, with cornerposts carved out to reveal a spiral-carved half column with acanthus flourish at the top.  The cornerposts flank the cabinet door which is the gem of the detailing, with a royal crest, arches-within-an-arch design with fishscale patterns on the pilasters, acanthus flourishes and fleurs de lys creating a visual feast for the eyes.  The drawer tier, although more sedate, is still represents a master's work with spires, flourishes and quatrefoils.  Such cabinets were placed in convenient spots or entryways to provide easy access to everyday items.  Hand-crafted from old-growth oak with hand-chamfered panels to last for centuries!
Circa 1860s
Measures 46.5H x 25.5W x 16D