Antique Country French Pannetiere ~ Bread Box

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41H x 36W x 15D

Location: Baton Rouge


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Antique Country French Pannetiere ~ Bread Box will make a delightful addition to any proper provincial decor!  The original design was intended as a place to keep freshly baked bread, literally under lock and key, so that it would be available for lunch and dinner intact.  Back in the days of rural families baking their own bread daily, it was a chore that was tedious but indispensable.  One did not want to go through all the steps and time-consuming procedures to produce fresh bread each day, only to find out it had been nibbled on when suppertime came.  One could not simply run down to the corner supermarket to pick up another loaf or baguette, as the supermarket had yet to be invented!  Here we see classic lines common to the types found in Provence, or southeastern France, with multiple arches on top festooned with turned spindle-style finials, and carved floral and foliate motifs in relief.  The casework itself is defined by elongated turned spindles designed for fresh airflow, deemed healthy in those days.  A lower apron mirrors the arch work above and is lavished with a neoclassical urn and olive branches, leading the eye to the scrolled legs with acanthus plumes and escargot feet.  A complex steel key guard protects the lock, and the single plank door is carved with more olive branches and a hunting horn.  The design can either be hung on hooks or placed atop the petrin, or doughbox, used in preparation of the bread.
Circa mid-1900s
Measures 41H x 36W x 15D

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