Antique Neogothic Cabinet

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41H x 25W x 23D

Location: Dallas


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Antique Neogothic Cabinet was designed to provide a maximum of storage space in the most diminutive of niches!  Barely two feet wide at the widest point of the top surface, it will nestle in very narrow spaces or be the perfect choice between windows, doorways, dormers, you name it!  Hand-crafted from solid oak to last for generations, it features a restrained lnenfold panel design that is duplicated on all three sides that show.  The front features a full width drawer with two guarded ring pulls, and a matching ring pull on the cabinet door below which is mounted by two forged steel strap hinges allowing it to open wide for easy access.  One can especially appreciate the quality by observing the care and attention paid to even the back side of the piece!
Circa early 1900s
Measures 41H x 25W x 23D