Antique French Louis XVI Painted Center Table

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29.5H x 50W x 34.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


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Antique French Louis XVI Painted Center Table is a magnificent example of the genre!  Classic architecture inspired by ancient Greece and Rome pervades the entire design, which features rounded ends that present a very traffic-friendly footprint for the room.  Designed to welcome newly arrived guests, or to serve in the library or other suitable venue, this example boasts a fluted apron embellished with a Greek urn with floral sprays on the long flat sides, and on the rounded ends the torchere and carquois de fleche symbolizing the power of the monarchy, with all renderings in glorious full relief accentuated by the painted finish and gold highlighting.  Each cornerpost sports a brace of rosettes, similarly highlighted, that appear over the tapered and fluted legs.  Just above where the legs meet the bowed stretchers appear upright foliate plumes.  The stretchers converge at the center with a massive urn with golden flame that intriguingly features a turned pendant finial that contacts the floor to prevent sagging over the centuries, which is an ingenious touch.  The original patinaed painted finish only adds the allure, with natural crackling evident on the spacious top.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 29.5H x 50W x 34.5D