19th Century Country French China Buffet from Normandie

2202-1729 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

94H x 55W x 21D; surface 40.5H

Location: Baton Rouge


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19th Century Country French China Buffet from Normandie is a splendid example of the creative, artistic craftsmanship from the storied region, celebrating the bountiful countryside in a vivid interpretation of the classical style melded with Rococo influences.  Created from solid old-growth oak, it boasts an arched crown in the chapeau de gendarme form overlooking a bonnet carved with wildflowers and foliates, centered with a full relief depiction of a basket bursting with flowers.  Just below is the glazed upper tier, with each cabinet door fitted with a contoured framework around the glass enabling all to view the objects displayed within.  The cabinet doors, stile, cornerposts and even the apron just underneath are all carved with the similar theme, adding the scallop shell paying homage to the sea with the region's abundant coastline.  A pair of carved cabriole legs support the front of the upper tier, with a beveled mirror set on the backsplash in a contoured frame complementing the glazing in the cabinet doors above, while bouncing ambient light back onto the serving & display surface between the cabinets.  The cabinet below is a work of art unto itself, with a contoured and beveled top overlooking the pair of drawers carved with wildflowers and separated by a bas relief rendition of the basket of flowers.  The cabinet doors are arched like the crown above, and lavished with the same carvings on the frame as the glazed doors above, but fitted with panels that feature mirror images of the harvest scene including bundles of wheat and farm implements.  The lower apron below is elaborately contoured and carved with the same theme, centered with a bold scallop shell, and supported by smaller versions of the cabriole legs above.  Doors open wide above and below thanks to the outboard-mounted brass hinges, with brass keyguards providing the finishing touch.
Circa 1880s
Measures 94H x 55W x 21D; surface 40.5H

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