18th Century Rustic Country French Stripped Coffee Table

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19H x 59W x 21.5D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Rustic Country French Coffee Table was completely hand-crafted during an era when time-honored craftsmanship and techniques were handed down from generation to generation and through trade apprenticeship.  Artisans used a variety of indigenous old-growth woods that were fully seasoned, creating furnishings that were designed to last for generations and even centuries.  This example, rendered from weathered but still more-than-sturdy oak, elm and sycamore is just such an example.  Even when the original drawer pulls became too tired to carry on, blocks were inset and new rings were installed, probably during the middle of the 19th century.  Such work simply adds to the charm of the piece!  Note the chamfered edges of the support posts which are affixed to the transverse apron sections which include the two drawers, via pegged mortise & tenon joinery.  Imagine all the wonderful stories that have been told around this table over the past 250 years!
Circa mid-18th century.
Measures 19H x 59W x 21.5D