Mid-Century Brass Coffee Table with Marble Top

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20H x 43W x 19D

Location: Dallas


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Mid-Century Brass Coffee Table with Marble Top is the essence of refined elegance with a distinctive style flair yet not too ostentatious.  One first notices the beautifully veined slab of marble that has been selected as the top, cut with a cove bevel all around to eliminate sharp edges.  Support is provided by a stylishly contoured frame with criss-cross legs tapering wider at the top to resemble horns, and crossing at the finely embellished junctures through which a rod serving as a trestle is fastened connecting both sides.  A finial adorns the outside, with the juncture itself fluted inside and out like a rosette, and the rod itself flares slightly towards the center where it displays a symmetrical turning for added visual appeal.  The perfect choice for an elegant yet carefree surface for your favorite room!
Circa mid-1900s
Measures 20H x 43W x 19D