18th Century Country French Louis XIII Armoire in Stripped Oak

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97.5H x 64W x 27D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Country French Louis XIII Armoire in Stripped Oak will make an impressive and stately presence in any room!  The boldly molded arched cornice, called a chapeau de gendarme in France due to its resemblance to the official hats worn by police and the military, presides over the amazing casework below, flared and rounded at the cornerposts for additional visual appeal.  Those same cornerposts were enhanced with recessed, rounded and framed panels, and separate the three-panels of each side from the main door facade in front.  The pair of doors are arched to follow the lines of the cornice above, and feature similarly amazing molded detail encompassing four panels each door.  The centermost panel is squared with a crest-like motif designed with four parts separated by points, representing the four sections of the Christian cross.  Serpentine forged steel key guards immediately flank the aforementioned panels, matching the steel barrel hinges that hang each door.  The panel directly underneath is squared on three sides except the bottom, which follows the molded trim of the lowest door panel designed with a double arched motif.  Doors open wide to reveal a yawning, capacious interior and the door to the left features its original hand-forged double-camming door latch, with the original lock on the right side for splendid authenticity!  Painstakingly stripped using our proprietary non-petrochemical, non-toxic method that retains the patina of centuries of age, and leaves a soft visual finish on your new family heirloom masterpiece!
Circa 1780s
Measures 97.5H x 64W x 27D

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