Antique French Louis XV Grand Four Door Armoire ~ Wardrobe

2105-21154A (Click to Inquire About This Item)

82H x 111W x 25.5D

Location: Dallas


Antique French Louis XV Grand Four Door Armoire ~ Wardrobe is the perfect solution for anyone that needs more closet space and a stylish piece to cover a wall ~ in one selection!  Hand-crafted from solid oak, it features a graceful arched crown on the center section which also steps out a bit from the rest of the casework.  Four doors allow organizational and storage possibilities galore, with interior drawers on the two outermost cabinets, and a hanging rod in the center section.  Because the center two doors open without an interrupting stile, it would be relatively simple to add a shelf and install a flat panel TV if one so desired!  Carved embellishment ranges from stylized scrollwork to foliate sprays of multiple iterations, with finely arched door frameworks surrounding chamfered panels.  The entire affair is supported by eight legs, the front four of which are beautifully scrolled, carved and tipped with escargot motifs.  Brass hinges and cast brass key guards complete the look.
Circa mid-1900s
Measures 82H x 111W x 25.5D