18th Century Country French Buffet

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40.5H x 91W x 18D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Country French Buffet is a marvelous artifact that dates back to the infancy of the United States of America, where France's King Louis XVI assisted with the successful revolution that changed history forever!  The good King was also known for collaborating with his Queen to revive the classical architecture and stylistic expressions that had origins in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.  The newly revived neoclassical style spawned an incredible plethora of interpretations, for which this one is of particular note.  Unusually shallow for a piece that is almost eight feet wide, it is ideal for long walls without intruding into the traffic patterns of the room.  Solid planks of old-growth oak were used throughout, including the top with subtly mitered corners which present no sharp edges to the room.  The pair of chamfered panels on each side combine with the tailored base molding to present a subtle framework for the starkly contrasting facade, expressed in a profusion of sculpture that celebrates the style with neoclassical urns bursting with floral displays on each of the four cabinet doors.  Conjoined cornucopias represent the bounty of the earth on the pair of drawers above, each of which helps to frame the open display shelf just above the center cabinets.  The door frameworks are also enhanced with hand-carved bordering and intertwined vine motifs atop the outboard doors.  Steel barrel hinges and pierced key guards were used with obvious longevity in mind.  A truly special piece from a truly special time in history!
Circa 1780s
Measures 40.5H x 91W x 18D

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