18th Century Country French Buffet a Deux Corps ~ Two Tiered Cabinet

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95H x 61W x 23D; surface 38H

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Country French Buffet a Deux Corps ~ Two Tiered Cabinet represents the state of the art furnishings from the time of the founding of our great nation!  Time-honored woodworking techniques that were handed down from generation to generation were employed, utilizing dense, seasoned indigenous old-growth chestnut and oak to create a magnificent example of the cabinetmaker's art.  Ingeniously designed in two parts, the upper portion easily comes off the bottom portion, and the doors pop off their hinges in an instant when so needed, making it incredibly easy to transport from street to interior, room to room, or up and down staircases.  The upper tier is recessed providing a ledge around the top of the lower tier that can be a convenient temporary resting place while accessing the contents.  The upper tier doors feature a subtle arched design, while the lower doors are purely rectilinear ~ but both have been embellished with fine carved detail glorifying the abundant beauty of the region's wildflowers and flora.  The use of intricately molded French scrolls appears on each door as well as the full width apron, also carved with a resplendent celebration of nature's beauty.  Even the rounded cornerposts above and below have been suitably adorned by the woodsculptor's attentions.  Steel barrel hinges allow easy access to both cabinets, which have also survive with their original shelves making it a wonderful way to organize your family's most prized keepsakes!
Circa 1770s
Measures 95H x 61W x 23D; surface 38H

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