18th Century Country French Buffet with Mermaids

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50.5H x 68.5W x 20D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Country French Buffet with Mermaids is a very unusual example of hand-crafted excellence, rendered from old-growth indigenous oak to last for centuries!  Crafted on what was then considered a grand scale, such pieces were not only designed to beautify one's room, but also provide essential storage for all the family's keepsake china, flatware and glassware.  The unique adornment of this particular example would indicate it was produced for a seafaring family, most probably merchants or with a naval service background.  Stylized shells and naturalistic forms adorn the drawer tier, which consists of two spacious drawers centered with a smaller cutlery drawer.  The center stile under the cutlery drawer features asymmetrical shell and corbel motifs with tassels, and separates the two cabinet doors carved with modest mermaids.  Fabric with fringe and ropes with tassels appear throughout the design, and the original steel keyguards on the doors and drawers are still intact.  Steel hinges mounted outboard allow the doors to swing wide to reveal the cavernous storage within.  One lock on the left door is original, while the right door's lock was replaced when the piece was rejuvenated during the late 19th century, as evidenced elsewhere in the casework.
Circa 1780s
Measures 50.5H x 68.5W x 20D

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