18th Century Country French Neoclassical Buffet a Deux Corps

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102H x 66W x 21.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


18th Century Country French Neoclassical Buffet a Deux Corps is a classic example of the mastery of the craft of furniture making that existed even in the remote provinces of France ~ even centuries ago!  This example, rendered from carefully seasoned old-growth indigenous oak, features a classic chapeau de gendarme cornice on top, with mitered corners that help lend a majestic presence.  Underneath one finds the subtly arched pair of upper tier doors, elaborately molded and carved to perfection with floral and foliates in bold relief.  A pair of drawers appear below that, and then the base buffet which is a separate piece, contains yet two more beautifully carved doors atop an undulating apron and scrolled legs.  The four doors open wide to reveal cavernous storage, which was precisely why such pieces were needed in the home, yet when closed such a magnificent example as this would be an impressive part of the family's heirloom furnishings.  Note the hand-hewn planks that form the back of the piece, both above and below!
Circa 1780s
Measures 102H x 66W x 21.5D