19th Century Country French Louis XVI Style Walnut Petrin

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35.5H x 39W x 18.5D

Location: Dallas


19th Century Country French Louis XVI Style Walnut Petrin is a definitively French affectation, which over the centuries has become instilled as a family tradition to be admired and revered by all who enter the home!  Called a doughbox in England and the Americas, these were originally relatively simple in design and appearance, but the first petrins were functional, allowing one a surface to knead the daily bread dough, place it inside to rise, and eventually be baked while the petrin reverted to another convenient surface in the kitchen.  Over time, they became more and more elaborate, ultimately transforming into family heirloom pieces like this amazing example!  This piece was rendered from fine French walnut, and features a contoured and beveled top that lifts up like a trunk lid to allow access.  The facade in front features several musical instruments with flowing ribbon flanked by wildflowers, a theme repeated on the deeply scrolled apron immediately below, as well as the stretcher apron just above the scrolled legs with escargots and cloven hoof feet.  An exceptional choice for a cozy niche, a passageway or between a pair of windows, it stands poised to charm all who enter the room for many decades to come!
Circa 1870s
Measures 35.5H x 39W x 18.5D