19th Century Country French Walnut Petrin ~ Doughbox

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36H x 40.5W x 19D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Country French Walnut Petrin ~ Doughbox recalls a bygone era when rural families were obliged to make their own bread on a daily basis!  Imagine the aromas emanating from the kitchen early in the morning as the bread was baked each day.  Petrins such as this splendid example were important to the process, and were used as a workstation to knead the bread, and when the top was lifted off, created a protected place to "proof" the dough allowing it to rise between kneading sessions.  Once baked, the finished loaves would be placed in the pannetiere until meal time.  For the remainder of the day and evening, the petrin would not be needed so the tradition developed to make it as decorative as possible to add visual appeal to the decor when not in actual use.  This example excels in that regard, with a contoured and beveled top overlooking the shallow casework below, the front of which is comprised of three distinct panels.  The left and right panels depict variations on a musical instrument theme, with floral and foliate accents.  The center celebrates wheat ready for harvest, all executed in fine relief.  Another tier of scrolled edging completes the casework, leading the eye to the boldly scrolled apron carved with a pair of birds atop a crown, flanked by more wildflowers.  Turned legs provide support, connecting the casework to the lower framework, which exhibits another boldly carved apron, this time with a Grecian urn taking center stage, of course flanked by wildflowers.  Scrolled legs with acanthus plumes and escargot carvings complete the affair.
Circa 1880s
Measures 36H x 40.5W x 19D

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