19th Century Grand Country French Buffet in Stripped Oak

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55H x 106W x 23D

Location: Baton Rouge


19th Century Grand Country French Buffet in Stripped Oak is a massive testament to the incredible skills of rural French craftsmanship, as well as the sprawling chateau for which it was obviously made!  Utilizing old-growth oak, the artisans created a spacious surface just under 9 feet wide, surrounded on three sides by multiple tiers of crown molding leading the eyes to the upper apron, lavished with hand-sculpted, stylized wildflowers and foliates which pervade the northern French countryside.  At the center is an intriguing eight pointed star that is most possibly relating to a compass rose, flanked by thistles, indicating a maritime influence for the family.  Below the upper apron are the four meticulously scrolled cabinet doors clearly showing off their pegged mortise & tenon joinery which was the technique used throughout the entire design, ensuring sturdiness and longevity for generations.  More carved embellishment appears on the center stile below the compass rose, repeating the themes of wildflowers and thistles but on a vertical display.  The cornerposts are subtly carved, and the apron is elegantly scrolled with accents of foliates, framed by scrolled legs with escargot feet.  All four doors are hung with generously sized steel barrel hinges and open to reveal truly cavernous storage within, including a single shelf on each side creating two surfaces.  Note the matching steel key guards for an added visual touch that also protects the key hole.  Painstakingly stripped using our proprietary process that retains the patina and sheer natural beauty of the old wood, all performed by our expert in-house staff.
Circa 1880s
Measures 55H x 106W x 23D

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