18th Century French Louis XV Commode

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28H x 32W x 19.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


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18th Century French Louis XV Commode is an amazing example of hand-sculpted genious!  Imagine the untold hours required to carefully sculpt the intriging, complex contours and embellishments out of dense, old-growth oak that is the hardest wood from the continent of Europe.  The top features a crown molding effect with multiple tiers and mitered corners projecting out over the boldly scrolled legs that extend all the way to the floor, terminating in escargots enhanced with upturned acanthus plumes.  Bold acanthus plumes on stippled backgrounds also adorn the cornerposts which provide a framework for the two full width drawers and the boldly contoured apron, all of which are lavished with asymmetrical carved detail with each drawer differing from each other and the apron in execution.  Even the sides are subtly contoured and carved with Rococo-inspired molded detail, and fitted with wrought iron handles.  The back legs are carved as beautifully as the front to finish out the entire work, creating a piece literally crafted for the ages!
Circa 1770s
Measures 28H x 32W x 19.5D