18th Century Copper & Brass Saucepot with Handle

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6H x 13W x 6.5D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Copper & Brass Saucepot with Handle is a marvelous relic from a bygone era!  Meant for an affluent family's kitchen, it was designed to produce a goodly amount of sauce, perhaps even chocolate in nature, for embellishing a fine meal.  The brass base proved to be more durable than copper, but copper was used for the main cylinder of the vessel.  The brass was rolled and soldered in place.  A wrought iron band encircles and reinforces the rim, riveted in place and extended out to be wrapped by wooden scales similar to a knife handle.  The scales have been shimmed over the decades as the wood gradually shrank over time.  The handle was useful for precise pouring of the contents as the final act before serving the dish.  There appears to have been a layer of tin on the interior, but due to heavy use over the centuries little is left.  An excellent choice for pure decorative enjoyment, or use as a rustic planter inside or out!
Circa 1770s
Measures 6H x 13W x 6.5D