18th Century French Pewter Pitcher

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11H x 8W x 6D

Location: Baton Rouge


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18th Century French Pewter Pitcher is an elaborately decorated example of fine craftsmanship in everyday items, using techniques that were passed down from generation to generation!  Crafted from pewter, which is 92% tin, a metal valued for its compatibility with culinary items, the design starts with a domed and hinged cap with stylized shell motifs in a two-tiered spiral pattern.  The handle on the cap itself is shaped like a scallop shell.  The pitcher's handle is a large, sturdy scroll shape that reconnects at the bell of the vessel below.  The vessel itself features an intriguing spiral fluted background with the front-most facade embellished with a grandiose heraldic family crest surrounded topped with a crown and surrounded by more stylized shells arranged like rays from the sun.  The stamp from the maker is still barely legible on the bottom.
Circa 1790s
Measures 11H x 8W x 6D